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This is designed to bring back the shine and lustre to your vehicles paint, by removing unsightly swirl marks that dulls the appearance of paint. Your vehicle will be be left with a wet look showroom shine. To do this we will give your vehicle an intensive clean to remove all bonded contaminates from the paint followed by a clay bar system. Once the vehicle has been cleaned and dried your paintwork will then receive a single stage machine polish with a slight cutting compound that will remove swirls and some blemishes, leaving your paint with a smooth high gloss finish, once this has been achieved your paint will be sealed to lock in the shine. We will require your vehicle for at least 10 hours, time and price varies on vehicle size.

  • Exterior:
  • Wheels and arches rinsed off.
  • Wheels individually sprayed with a non-acid wheel cleaner, tyres and wheel arches sprayed with a cleaner/degreaser.
  • Wheels, arches and tyres cleaned with separate brushes and a grit guarded bucket.
  • Wheels rinsed and arches rinsed.
  • Bodywork rinsed to loosen dirt.
  • Entire vehicle covered in a PH-shampoo foam solution and left to dwell.
  • Body work hand washed with plush wash mitt using two bucket method with grit guards.
  • Vehicle sprayed down with iron remover and left to dwell then rinsed off.
  • Doors, boot shuts, petrol cap recess, badges and emblems cleaned.
  • Clay bar used to remove stubborn contamination from paint.
  • Washed and rinsed again then dried off.
  • All rubber trim taped off.
  • Vehicle machine polished and buffed to a high gloss finish.
  • Panel wiped to remove polish oils
  • Paint sealed.
  • Windows polished
  • Tyres dressed.
  • From £250

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