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If your paint is looking a little flat and the shine has gone this is a good option to have within a reasonable budget. By having a single stage machine polish we aim to remove a good percentage of swirls, blemishes and maring to restoring depth of shine and clarity to your paintwork.

  • Wheels and arches rinsed off.
  • Wheels individualy sprayed with iron remover,tyres and wheel arches sprayed with a cleaner.
  • Wheels cleaned with wheel woolies,arches and tyres cleaned with seperate brushes and a grit guarded bucket.
  • Wheels rinsed.
  • Bodywork rinsed to losen dirt.
  • Entire vehicle covered in a snow foam solution and left to dwell.
  • Body work hand washed with plush wash mitt and gentle ph. balanced shampoo containing natural carnauba wax using two bucket method with grit guards.
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned, Petrol cap recess cleaned, Badges and emblems cleaned with a detailing tool.
  • Vehicle rinsed.
  • Vehicle dried off using forced air dryer with filter and plush microfiber towel.
  • Vehicle sprayed with a contaminate remover (panel at a time) to remove organic contaminates such as tar,tree sap and bug fluid and wiped down with a microfiber cloth.
  • Vehicle rinsed again.
  • Vehicle sprayed with iron remover to remove bonded contaminates such as fallout from rail and brake dust.
  • Vehicle rinsed.
  • if needed a clay bar used.
  • Vehicle washed and dried again.
  • All rubber trim taped off.
  • paint depth gauge used to measure how much clearcoat and paint is on your vehicle.
  • Single stage machine polish commences using carfully selected pad and polish for your vehicle.
  • Finished off with a layer of durable wax applied by hand for 6+ months protection.
  • exterior trim detailed and tyres dressed.
  • **optional extra,sealant can be applied for longer lasting protection** completion time minimum 6 hours.

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