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Pristine Exterior Decontamination+ Protection


This is designed to Protect the exterior of your vehicle from the harsh elements such as insect fluid, tree sap, bird lime, fallout, acid rain etc. Your vehicle is cleaned in the usual manner then goes through a process to remove all bonded contaminates from the exterior of your vehicle finishing off with a durable carnauba-based wax, for a concours winning shine, and 14+ months protection and sealed with a Hard Shell sealant to help preserve the wax applied.

  • Wheels,arches and under chasis sills rinsed off.
  • Wheels individualy sprayed with iron remover,tyres,wheels,arches and under chasis sprayed with a cleaner.
  • Wheels cleaned with wheel woolies,arches and tyres cleaned with seperate brushes and a grit guarded bucket.
  • Wheels rinsed,arches and under sill
  • Bodywork rinsed to losen dirt.
  • Entire vehicle covered in a snow foam solution and left to dwell.
  • Body work hand washed with plush wash mitt and gentle ph. balanced shampoo using two bucket method with grit guards.
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned, Petrol cap recess cleaned, Badges and emblems cleaned with a detailing tool.
  • Vehicle rinsed.
  • Iron remover applied left to dwell then rinsed off
  • Vehicle dried off using plush microfiber towel.
  • Vehicle sprayed with a contaminate remover (panel at a time) to remove organic contaminates such as tar,tree sap and bug fluid and wiped down with a microfiber cloth.
  • Vehicle rinsed again.
  • If needed vehicle a clay bar used.
  • Vehicle washed and dried again.
  • A connoisseur wax applied to bodywork and wheels for protection and a high gloss concourse shine.
  • Buffed
  • A Hard shell sealant applied panel at a time for extra protection
  • Buffed again
  • All exterior rubber/plastic trim has a long lasting protector applied.
  • From £165

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