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You might be surprised what's included in our entry level Detail. Using only the best products on the market today and safe techniques, using 3 buckets with grit guards with every wash and detailing tools, we will get your car looking as good as the day you purchased it. With a glossy shine and a clean fresh scented interior.Exterior is finished with a detail spray and buff for extra gloss and all exterior trim restored,all interior trim is cleaned and restored to new finish.

  • Exterior:
  • Wheels and arches rinsed off.
  • Wheels individualy sprayed with iron remover,tyres and wheel arches sprayed with a cleaner.
  • Wheels cleaned with wheel woolies,arches and tyres cleaned with seperate brushes and a grit guarded bucket.
  • Wheels rinsed.
  • Bodywork rinsed to losen dirt.
  • Entire vehicle covered in a snow foam solution and left to dwell.
  • Body work hand washed with plush wash mitt and gentle ph.balanced shampoo containing natural carnauba wax using two bucket method with grit guards.
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned Petrol cap recess cleaned Badges and emblems cleaned with a detailing tool.
  • Vehicle rinsed and sprayed with a drying wax.
  • Vehicle dried with force air dryer and plush microfiber towel.
  • Exterior hand polished with a detail spray and plush microfiber cloth for extra gloss shine.
  • All exterior trim detailed Tyres dressed, Windows polished in and out.
  • Rain repellent applied to front screen.

  • Interior:
  • Waste removed.
  • Floor mats removed and hoovered, brushed and cleaned.
  • Full interior hoover of seats, carpets including boot space (if empty)
  • Full clean of dash, all air vents, centre console, door trims, backs of drivers and passenger seats, steering wheel, foot pedals, seat runner rails.
  • All trim polished and sealed.
  • Berry scented fabric freshener applied to carpets, seats and floor matts.
  • Windows polished in and out.
  • Paper mat in footwells.

  • **Optional extra,aircon bomb to remove bacterier and eliminate odours from your air conditioning** completion time minimum 2.5 hours

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